The Empower Network Review

When you first hear about an online money making opportunity company called the Empower Network, many things may come to mind; such as freedom, power, money, and opportunity.

But what is Empower Network and how can it help you achieve your own freedom, power, and money?

What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network

Lets take a step back, and look at what Empower Network (EN) is all about, and how they are changing the lives of not just one individual, but of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families.

By definition, Empower means, “to give power or to give ability to; enable or permit” and Network is defined by “an interconnected group or system.” Empower Network has stood true to its name and given people all over the world an opportunity and with an easy to use system that can change their lives forever.

David Wood and Dave Sharpe – Empower Network Leaders

Empower Network was started by two individuals who had the drive and the passion to not only help out themselves, but to also be able to surround themselves with people who would help them change the world. David Wood and Dave Sharpe have been in the network marketing and Internet marketing industry for a long time, and have gone through many of the same struggles that you are going through as well.

David Sharpe was a guy that was trying to support his family as a construction worker, while also being an alcoholic on the side [is now clean and sober thanks to his dedication to his family and work]. David Wood had similar struggles in his early years, ended up living in a van with his wife Ashley while they were trying to make a living online [not living in a van anymore].

Empower Network Opportunity

But their hard work and dedication helped them push through their struggles and make a living by making money online. Dave Wood eventually became the number one sales rep in a network marketing company, and is still to this day ranked 8th all time in the multi-level marketing industry. The two Dave’s found each other through one of their network marketing companies and eventually got to be good friends.

They always thought to themselves that a true empowering company should be able to give more back to the marketers, and not keep so much for themselves.  Most affiliate marketing or network marketing companies you only get 10%-50% commissions and have to build huge downlines in order to make any real money. 

And were always used to hearing the term, “the money is in the residuals.” But they knew, there had to be a better way, to give more back to the people who are helping the companies grow. That’s when they decided to create their own company and would give each affiliate 100% commissions and control of their own destiny.

How It All Started & Evolved Into A Movement


David Wood and David Sharpe started this company on October 31st 2011, but not without complications and setbacks. Within the first few months they had setbacks that almost put them completely out of business, not because they were a “scam” or doing any thing that was wrong, they were simply growing TO FAST.

The merchant account that they were using was PayPal in the beginning, but soon PayPal didn’t like how fast the company was growing or how much it was passing through their system.  So they shut down the merchant account. Fast forward another month and Empower Network was shut down again by another merchant for growing to fast and adding to many new members.

Now here we are, almost 17 months from the beginning of Empower Network and things could not be going better.  The company now has over 150,000 paid members and has paid out well over $40,000,000 million to affiliates. Almost 10,000 new members per month are joining and getting close to averaging $1.4 Million per week payouts to affiliates [See Empower Network Income Disclaimer]

Empower Network is growing at an incredible rate! There are new stories every day of members from all ages, backgrounds, and races that are making a big difference not in their own life, but in the lives of people around them.

Why Empower Network Is Successful

And that is truly what Empower Network is all about, helping the next person out. Many companies out there only care about themselves and not how the next person is doing. Bob Marley once said, “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” I believe that quote defines how many members in this company think and feel.


If you can help out the next guy and help them get all the tools and training that is necessary for success, you yourself will be successful. This is exactly why the creators of Empower Network have designed the easy to use S.Y.S.T.E.M (Save Your Self Time Energy Money) so that every can benefit.

The leaders at the top that are achieving success in their business are sharing their ideas, thoughts, strategies, and business plans with everyone.

No longer will the guy/girl that is just starting out with a home based business have to create their own product, design a website, create optin forms, create high converting squeeze pages, or even be a good sales person because it is literally done for you inside the Empowering Network System.

Empower Network Community

Normally a home based business consists of you going either door to door or talking with people on the phone to get them to buy goods or services from you, but you are generally alone and you do not connect with other members on daily or weekly basis. This is another way that Empower Network is different. David Wood and David Sharpe wanted to make this a community where everyone can connect with one another and help each other out.

They have done this by inspiring people to join different teams within Empower Network such as the Prosperity Team and going to different events around the United States. Since the beginning of the company, there have been four Events [Atlanta, GA | San Diego, CA | Austin, TX | Chicago, IL] and one mastermind event in Costa Rica. At each of these events the number of members joining has grown from one thousand to over five thousand! And the next event in Denver, CO in July is looking to be over Seven Thousand members!

I encourage you to watch this free video below so that you can see the true power of being inside the Empower Network community and what it can do for your work from home based business. [Caution: This Video Will Be Eye Opening!]

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