The Laws of Attraction

How to attract more wealth; the profits, money and spirituality? – The Laws Of Attraction.

When we talk of wealth and how to attract more, what’s helped me on my journey is to realize is that we are the currency we are working for.

Law Of Attraction

True wealth is not paper. The true wealth lies within us. Health is wealth. Connecting to beautiful kindred spirits is wealth, but there is nothing good or bad about money.

Money is just the tool; it is the means, it is not the end.

How To Create Wealth

Money can help us pursue our dreams. However, once we idolize money, then money becomes a problem. When we worship money, [‘Master, Master’] then money becomes a problem. Do we need money to live?


What did they do when there was no money? They lived in abundance because abundance is our natural state. However, money exists in the consensus reality because we have given it power. It’s just paper after all.

Man, just paper?

You cannot be serious.

Rich people don’t work, they supervise.

How To Create Wealth With Law Of Attraction

Some tips to attract wealth from the law of attraction: Follow your passion.

Your true passion is your job in disguise. When you do what you love, automatically, you receive wealth. That is a universal law. You can make money on the internet.

People say, “How do you make money?” I’m a psychologist. I use my given talents to help inspire other people. I do counseling sessions, I’m a writer, I blog for other people. I’m a graphic designer. I do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I can do online marketing.

You have to find creative ways to generate wealth. More so, you have to let go of fear. You have to realize that by becoming the greatest version on yourself, you attract wealth.

Having your body in a perfect equilibrium, a perfect homeostasis, you attract wealth. Putting the right food into your body gives you energy to attract wealth, because these medical bills are expensive, you better not get ill. Don’t get ill.

By loving yourself 100%, that is the best way to attract wealth. Wealth, not just in possessions externally but the true pearls within, that is something that money cannot buy. We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.

The secret to attracting wealth is wisdom; study, study, study.

Get your nose deep into those books. Learn about yourself; know thyself and the world around you. To attract wealth, we have to move out of the poverty mindset. In essence, see we are worthy, you are worthy. All of this belongs to you. We have to see that we deserve everything we desire.

Nature gives us everything for free; we put a price on it.

It’s all yours.

Change your mind.

Change your world.

The Secret Law Of Attraction

positive thinking

The secret to attracting wealth is to change your attitude towards money. Money is just a road, it is not a destination.

Remember, everything in the universe is based on perception. How you see money is how money responds to you. We have to change our relationship to money before money can change its relationship to us. That is the secret my friends.

Here is the secret to attract wealth: Do you have talents and gifts?

We all do, just not in the same way. Share your talents and gifts with other people. Share yourself with other people, and in return, you will attract wealth. I’ve seen this on my journey. Just creating these websites and blogs, so many people have come into my life, great, magnificent spirits offering me their help and their services for free, because I am helping them, they are helping me.

Happiness is best shared.

You attract wealth when you begin working with other people, when you move outside of your comfort zone, when you take the leap of faith, when you take the gamble. If you’re playing it safe all of the time, you will never grow. I found that on my journey, if I had played it safe when working as an electrician and a car salesmen and quit my job to start working online. I knew my true purpose was in inspiring humanity, and because of this, I have become wealthy beyond measure.

Wealthy within, and this reflects also in my external reality, because so above as below, so within as without. For me, it’s all about giving; that is the best way to receive wealth. Look at what is happening within your life.

Be grateful for every single day because every day is a new start. Every day is an opportunity to become the greatest versions of ourselves.

Law Of Attraction Money

Before money, people traded in precious minerals, metals, and resources such as gold. However, people got tired of carrying around all of this gold so banks were setup, and they offered the people an alternative to gold. Instead, you can take this paper money as a receipt.

That’s why on money, it says, “I promise to pay the bearer the sum of . . .” followed by the amount.” In essence money is debt, money is fiat currency. We have been scammed. The money we use is not backed by anything. The gold ran out a long time ago. If every single person in the world was to take out their money from their bank account and to exchange it for gold, that would not be possible because there is not enough gold to go around for the money in circulation.

Money is created out of thin air.

Difference Between Wealth And Riches

To attract wealth, we have to see that we are the wealth. We have to be wise first. Invest in your body, mind, and spirit. See your body as a bank account; the more your self-love increases, the more your bank account increases.


Being happy makes you wealthy. Self-love is the best love, and your pocket will be evidence of that. It’s not all about the money, externally; it is about the inner riches which lie deep within our core.

In essence, we have to find the pearl that lie within in.

What do I feel about money and spirituality?

Give me money and you will receive eternal life forever. The more you give, the more you live. Spend your money. I see it like this; if you have people who are selling services, that is great because in essence, we all have to use money, unless you are living in the Himalayans or somewhere in a forest somewhere, then you don’t need money. As long as you are in this matrix system, money is the medium of exchange.

However, the new paradigm is where we enter the age of exchange, where we can let go of money. For me, I had someone email me. They wanted to buy my book, but they couldn’t because they didn’t have a credit card. I said, “I will give you my book, ‘Feel Alive’, if you give me something back in exchange, and it works like that.

Money is just a tool; we have to get that into our minds.

However what’s happened on the planet, many of us, we are living in deception because we are selling our souls for paper. There was a song called, ‘Money, Money, Money’, and the lyrics were, ‘For a small piece of paper, it sure does carry a lot of weight.’ That is how it is.

We have to realize that the greatest investment lies within us, that is the secret; we are money.

We are walking billionaires.

In fact, We are priceless.

If I were to ask you how much you would give me for your teeth, there is no price for that. That shows we are priceless. Many of us, we put a value on ourselves, but the true worth of us can never be in a monetary form because we are just too wealthy for that, we are too worthy, we are too infinite to be confined to a couple of notes.

Saying that, there are great people who are doing great things and they are using money to help inspire humanity.

For me, I feel that is amazing. We have to use money, not become used by money!

Applying The Laws Of Attraction In Your Life

So how can you take advantage of this new found knowledge?

Invest in yourself.

Read books and listen to inner circle audio tracks that will help give you guidance and motivation to become a better version of yourself.

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