Make Money Online By Writing A Blog

Blogging For Money Online

Many people are beginning to realize the power, as well as impact, which personal blogs do have. These blogs also have the great potential of being able to help a person have their own home business. It is something that does require a minimal start up cost, but once you get started, it can only go up from there.

Make money online by writing a blog, and it can be done best by coming up with a very interesting and intriguing form of blog, something which you have a true passion for writing about or a strong like at least.


Over the course of time, your blog will develop a very loyal following of people, in addition to becoming something very impressive in delivery, as well. Like all things in life, the more you work at it, aka practice, the better you will get. The same principle applies to blogging online.

How To Make Money Blogging?

Once you start to learn how to make money with your blog, you will truly be able to leverage its power, and be able to totally monetize on it from all fronts. You can continue to make a truly decent income off of your blog, even if you don’t update it regularly, but it is highly recommended to update it as much as is possible.

This is because of your readership. Once you develop a loyal fan base, or at least a high ranking blog in the search engines, it is a good idea to keep writing. Your readers will learn the ways in which you write and tell stories. These stories and blog posts that you create will keep your fans coming back, as well as sharing your work with others.

This is a great way to gain new readers as well, which can mean more profits for your blog.

How To Blog – How To Setup A Blog


There are numerous ways of setting up a blog online. Some of these ways are free, which is great if you just want a blog to share with family and keep them updated on what you are doing with your day to day life. Some of these forms include; WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo, and Weebly. These are just a few of the free platforms online.

These free blogging platforms are hosted on one main domain such as and each new free user blog gets a subdomain (or folder) on the main website. This often leads to easy setup and use, but limited design and functionality.

You can also choose to set up your very own blog by using your own domain name. Then have it hosted by a particular hosting company of your choice, and there are lots of great hosting companies online such has HostGator, GoDaddy, and BlueHost. This can be a great option for some people that are okay with spending money each month and have the knowledge to setup their own domain and hosting.

It will cost $9 to $20 per year to get your own domain name, and to set up a web server to host it which is usually $10 to $50 per month, but the benefits of doing this are something that do far outweigh the meager investment you will be making for this blog.

Plus, you will have total control over your own blog, and this is something that you cannot get with any of the free blogging accounts.

As you can see, each of these forms of blogging and free or paid have their benefits. Which way you choose will be up to you and your skill set and your end goal with the blog. Whether it is going to be for family and friends or to make money online.

Empower Network Blogging System

There is also a third option for setting up a blog. If you want the ease of use and setup like the free blog platforms, but do not want the hassle of learning how to buy a domain and hosting and then learn how to set it all up then the third option using the Empower Network Blogging System.

By using The Empower Network, you get the best of both worlds. You get an easy to use system without the hassles of hosting or domains or paying a programmer to set up a blog that will attract and convert viewers into buyers.

That is one thing that a lot of people that blog online seem to miss. If you are a really good writer but have a website that looks terrible, then chances are you will not make any money with that blog. It needs to be designed in such a way that a viewer will come to the page and read the article and then will want to click on links or images on the website that in the end will result in money for you.

If you do not have a high converting website or have one that is distracting or not so easy on the eyes, then you simply won’t make money or won’t create a loyal fan base of readers that come back each day, week, or month.

Many people that say they want to start blogging online don’t really think about all these things when they start out, but wonder why they are not making any money. The key is to use a system like the Empower Network has setup that will give you a beautifully laid out design theme as well as the use of high converting colors, images, and pages that are proven to increase the conversion rate.

It is all about having the right formula when trying to make money online with a blog. That’s why it is essential to use a SYSTEM that is proven to work for not just one or two people, but tens of thousands of people.

One of the best things about Empower Network is the fact that it is so much more than just a blogging platform or that it comes with high converting sales pages and lead capture pages, but they also provide some truly amazing training on how to make money online. The training is can help you take a measly little blog and turn it into a $100 or $200+ a day blog.

And if you are saying to yourself that you already know how to build websites and having a hosting account already why should you join Empower Network… Then you will still be amazed to know that you do not have to use their system. The training they provide though will help you with your own website and online business. They give you the freedom to use your own website or the one that is provided to you when you sign up. You can sell the training and Empower Network System on your own website with no issues.

Making Money On The Internet

How To Blog

Now that you know a few different ways to make money online by writing a blog, go out and create your own through Empower Network, or buy using your own blog. Just give it an ample amount of time to catch on with web visitors.

Something good takes patience, and establishing your own blog is no different, it will make its very own impact in time. Just like with any photo or video if you share your new blog post on your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ you will drastically increase your following. Once you start to get good at writing, your articles will go viral by themselves and you will be able to earn a good income by working from home.

Making money online is very possible by writing a blog, but make sure you pick an interesting topic to write about, or give people something that they want or do need from an information prospect. Once you have that down, it is just a matter of blogging, sharing, and then getting paid.

If you want to get a head of the curve and learn from some of the best bloggers in the industry who are making $10,000+ per month just by blogging then click the link below to learn more.


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