What Is The Empower Network

Empower Network

You may have heard of the Empower Network, but do you know what is Empower Network really?

Its founders David Sharpe and David Wood both have come from a rags to riches story.

David Wood was once a homeless, broke guy living in a van with his wife, and while not everyone is in quite this situation, there are so many who can relate to being jobless, broke, and in a bad living situation.

His partner, David Sharpe, is a recovering alcoholic who had been down on his luck and homeless. After finally hitting his breaking point he decided to try and get clean and get a job working in the construction industry. After many months of back breaking labor and nothing to show for it, he turned to online marketing to find a better way.

Now, however, they are both earning five to six figures each month with this opportunity. Over the last eighteen months they have paid out $60,000,000 in commissions to over 150,000 affiliate members just like me [Mark Shanks].

What Is Empower Network

[**Results may not be typical. Making money online takes hard work, determination, and the willingness to learn and follow directions. Please click the link to see the Average Earnings for Empower Network. Empower Network updates their average earnings every 24 hours.**]

What Is Empower Network All About?


So, what is Empower Network?

The company supplies their customers with several different informational and technological products.

The first is their blogging platform and Fast Start training series, which you will receive when you first sign up with the Empower Network. The second is their series of audio interviews with industry experts, called the Inner Circle Mastermind. Then they have the Costa Rica Intensive, The $15K Formula, and The Masters Program.

Empower Network Blogging System And Fast Start Training

The Fast Start videos and blogging system of Empower Network give you all that you need to start making money online. The idea is to create quality content, then post that content to your blog and share it so you can get visitors to your blog.

The blog is set up as soon as you join the Empower Network. No waiting, No setup, No Hassles.

Most people are trying to find some sort of online income, but don’t have the tech savvy abilities to set up a blog, get hosting, and find quality training, so this is a great solution.

The blog comes installed and optimized, so all you’ll need to do is create the content.

The blogging system also comes with a series of eight Fast Start training videos. They cover all that you need so you can get started with your business, and give you an in-depth explanation of why and how their blogging platform works for you.

You will also be shown some core business principles which will help you in your new Empower Network enterprise.

For these two items you will pay just twenty-five dollars a month.

This is, again, all you’ll need to get started.

Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind

This is a library of high quality audios tracks.

They have all kinds of great information from industry experts, the founders of Empower Network and successful team members.

You can find several key insights on how to improve your business, not only from a short-term, tactical perspective, but also from a more long-term, strategic angle.

In order to have a successful business, you have to surround yourself with successful people.

Empower Network will let you strengthen your mindset and also give you principles which other successful people have already tested and proven.

The Costa Rica Intensive

These are two separate products, and going through these training courses can really change your attitude towards running an online business. The people that share their strategies and tactics in these courses were able to create four figures and even five figures per month in as little as sixty days.

In the Costa Rica Intensive, you’ll learn how to get your name out there and building more trust with people who follow you. It is part of the keys to success. Trust will take time and it isn’t something that is given away by anyone, so you have to build a relationship first and the trust will follow afterwards.

Building this relationship and earning the trust of your online community is the core reason the Empower Network was built around a blogging system. Beyond this, they also give you all you need to know to be able to drive traffic successfully to your blog with the additional training courses.

The Costa Rica Intensive is a video series which focuses on building your business for the long haul. Its nature is more strategic, and there are also some very practical lessons that you can apply as soon as you see them.

The $15K Formula

The $15K Formula is also a series of videos, but it is more tactical. All the videos give you two to three hours of training on a single channel of marketing, with there being nine videos in total. One of the videos talks about how to create useful and great content for social media, while another shows you the specifics of paid advertising, like setting up a Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaign successfully.

As you can see, the Empower Network Opportunity provides you with plenty of tools to boost your business and its online presence. You can find out even more information from the many Empower Network reviews that have been written, available on the internet.

Empower Network Masters Course

This is the last, but certainly not least Empower Network product. The whole goal of this video training program is to take your online business from $15k per month to $25K, $50K, or even $100K per month. With course that teach you how to sit down and get clear on your intentions with your business and learning how to craft your story in order to be a better spokesperson.

It is a 41 part video series that will take your business to the next level.

Empower Network v2 – ENv2

Empower Network V2

So what is NEXT for Empower Network?

Big MOVES. Big Changes. Vast Improvements.

Faster. Easier. Just plain Awesome.

During its quarterly conference in July, Empower Network did a pre-launch of its three new products set to release in September. Empower Network V2 (ENv2) promises to blow away any current blogging platforms, mobile apps.

They have spent $3.2 million developing a brand new blogging platform and mobile app that will allow members to start quicker, and earn faster.

It will be a new platform that will take social media sites and search engines by storm. They claim it will alter the history of marketing and both offline and online businesses.

Env2’s goal is to change the whole interment marketing scene from now on. A unique game-changer, this will be a must for anyone wanting to build an online presence, including entrepreneurs, business owners, realtors, marketers and other professionals.

Empower Network Version 2 will include three different products in one. These include the Simple, 2-Click Blogging Platform, the Mobile Audio/Visual Broadcasting App, and the Sales Conversion Engine.

All three of these products will help you to easily improve the success of your business without needing to be tech savvy at all. Just about anyone can use these products successfully, making Env2 one of the simplest systems out there.

The Empower Network is here to help you succeed with your business, so if you already have or are looking to have an online business presence, this could be the program that you’ve needed to boost your business to the level that it needs to be.

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